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ImageDr. Aiken will be embarking on a humanitarian medical mission to Kenya with International Medical Relief the first two weeks of August!  Be sure to check in with our Facebook page, blog, or directly on our website for updates and photos of her journey.

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Brush up on your at-home flossing technique! If flossing is not apart of your at-home dental care routine already, now is the time to incorporate it! Flossing removes particles of food and plaque from the areas where the toothbrush cannot reach.  Plaque can get left behind between your teeth and under the gum-line if you do not floss daily which can lead to cavities and gum disease.  When flossing remember to:

  • Start with 15 inches of floss, wind floss around each index finger, leaving a two inches of floss to work with
  • Slide it gently up-and-down between teeth
  • Curve floss around the base of each tooth – go beneath the gum-line
  • Lastly, remember to be gentle and floss daily!

For more information on alternative flossing options, visit our dental office and ask us about our Sonicare air flossers!Image

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Nightguards  Why a Night guard might be the right fit for you? The main purpose of a night guard is to protect both your teeth and your jaw joints.  Many of us grind or clench our teeth both at night and during the day subconsciously.  This action can cause wear to the surfaces of your teeth and or soreness to your jaw joints from the excess pressure.

A night guard is made from plastic that is molded to fit snugly over your teeth and can be worn both during the day or night.  It can help to alleviate the pressure caused from clenching and can protect your teeth or any dental work you may have from damage.  And while you can easily purchase a night guard from CVS, having it made in a dental office provides much more comfort as it has been customized specifically for your teeth.

If you notice wear on your teeth or soreness in your jaw throughout the day, visit your dentist and ask about the possible options of having a night guard made.

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When was the last time you changed your toothbrush?

It is best to change to a new toothbrush every 3 months.  After the 3 month mark, a toothbrush is much less effective because the bristles have gone through enough wear and tear.  When the bristles break down they are less effective at getting rid of plaque.

If you however get a flu, cold, or virus be sure to change your toothbrush right after.  The germs in your mouth can collect on your brush and mutate, and if

Changing toothbrushes

How often do you change your toothbrush?

used continuously can actually make you sick again.  Bacteria naturally collects on your toothbrush whether your sick or not, so be sure to change your toothbrush regularly!

Ask for a toothbrush the next time your at your dentist, that way you’ll remember to change your brush and attend your bi-yearly check up!

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ImageCheck in to our Yelp page here!  We’ll be posting our office specials!  If you want to hear more about us from our wonderful patients, check out our reviews.

We are always welcoming new patients!  If your a new patient, be sure to mention that you found us on Yelp when you contact the office (617-426-4100) and receive a complimentary whitening.

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Keep that bad breath away by getting a tongue scraper today!  Did you know that 75% of bad breath originates on the surface of your tongue?  Even if you floss, brush, and rinse, this only removes 25% of mouth odor.

Halitosis studies (bad breath) show that the bacteria that builds up on your tongue turns into a coat of plaque.  The white coating of your tongue than releases an odorous sulfur compound.

Mints and gum only mask the odor.  In order to actually remove the plaque coating, use a tongue brush or scraper and by taking off the white coat you’ll not only have fresher breath but also  heightened taste buds. It’s both effective and inexpensive!

So the next time your in our office or your dental office, ask for a tongue brush and keep that bad breath away!

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