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Bacteria in your mouth

A new article released by Science Daily and research done by the University of York, found that plaque (food which accumulates on teeth) on a persons teeth has preserved the bacteria which caused decay 1,000 years ago. This bacteria found in the plaque is the SAME bacteria which causes decay in people today. Can you believe that? Read the full article at: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/02/140223131629.htm

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Happy President’s Day

President’s Day has past but here is a fun read about one of our Presidents, George Washington. His teeth were not made from wood but rather they were made from ivory. Check out some photos by clicking on the link: http://www.mountvernon.org/educational-resources/encyclopedia/false-teeth

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Something fun to read for valentine’s Day. 


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Visiting the dentist when you’re pregnant

When you’re pregnant it is very important to visit the dentist. With hormones in full swing, pregnant women may experience red, swollen, and bloody gums. This is often referred to as pregnancy gingivitis. This article done by Fox News says it best about visiting the dentist when you’re pregnant. We recommend 6 month visits and sometimes 3 month visits depending on the condition of your gums. Some insurances may pay for a more frequent dental visit during pregnancy. Make sure to check with your dental/health insurance. 

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