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5 Things you never knew about your toothbrush

A great article published on the Huffington Post regarding toothbrushes. Patients always ask us the best type of brush to use for themselves, this article gives some great suggestions. 

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Chocolate toothpaste

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well this toothpaste may be perfect for you. Several companies have come up with chocolate flavored toothpaste. One company Theodent has a chocolate toothpaste for $100. Read and watch about the product by clicking on the link. We haven’t tried it in our office yet but we’d like to hear what everyone else thinks. If that’s too much try something like Crest ‘Be’ Line as it contains several chocolate flavored toothpaste for a more reasonable price. 

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How often should I floss my teeth? – American Dental Association.

Wondering what is the best way to floss or how to floss? This video made by the American Dental Association shows how to properly floss your teeth. Remember to be gentle when flossing and move the floss as close to the gum as you can without hurting your gums.

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Congratulations to our Dental Assistant, Liana, on her acceptance to the Middlesex Dental Hygiene program. Liana will start the program in September. Make sure to congratulate her!

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