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Does DIY Whitening really work? Well unless it contains Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide, your teeth will not be brighter. The below summary provides the information on the study.

“Study: DIY Tooth Whitening Methods Do Not Whiten Teeth.”

In continuing coverage, LiveScience (10/28, Choi) reports that “do-it-yourself” teeth whitening methods touted by YouTube videos and even “The Dr. Oz Show” in fact do “not actually whiten teeth, and may even weaken them,” according to a study published by researchers at the University of Iowa. The article adds that researchers “rubbed a mixture of baking soda and California-grown organic strawberries on 20 recently extracted human molars for 5 minutes, and then brushed the teeth gently,” mimicking the DIY tooth whitening procedure. However, the experiments “found that teeth brushed with the strawberry and baking soda formula showed no real whitening, based on two well-known color-measurement tests, and an examination with a scientific instrument that detects colors known as a spectrophotometer.” LiveScience goes on to state that the reason no whitening is occurring is because none of the treatments contained hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, “key ingredients in tooth-whitening products, according to the American Dental Association.”

Taken from the ADA Morning Huddle 10/28/2014

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Should you brush before you sleep? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! This article done by the Huffington Post explains why it is important for you to brush before you go to bed.

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Severe Periodontitis is the 6th most prevalent condition according to an article recently published in the Journal of Dental Research. Periodontitis is commonly referred to as gum disease. Periodontitis has been linked to several other diseases such as Diabetes. According to research, about 743 million people are affected by periodontitis. Make sure to see you dentist regularly for a check up.

Read more at: http://dentistrytoday.com/todays-dental-news/10692-many-people-deal-with-severe-periodontitis

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Are you concerned about the toothpaste that you are using? Are you using Crest toothpaste? Buyer beware, there are some microbeads in the toothpaste and they are made of plastic. They have been deemed safe by the American Dental Association and the Food and Drug Administration. Patients have found that the blue microbeads have been stuck under the gums. However as concerns are increasing, Procter and Gamble has vowed to remove the microbeads by 2016. Learn more about it by reading the above link.

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