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What a wonderful story. A gentleman in Kansas receives a new smile courtesy of a guest he was serving in a restaurant. Read more: Customer gives mega tip so single dad can get Dental Work, Reason to smile . 


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Do you know when the first toothbrush was invented?

An article found on the Library of Congress site shows that the toothbrushes were invented and mass produced in 1938. There was no one person which was credited in the founding of the toothbrush.

Although toothbrushes were invented in 1938, the earliest known toothbrush goes back to 3000 BC. At this time, the ancient civilization’s used brushes called “chew sticks”. The “chew sticks” were made of thin twigs with frayed ends. Looks like dental home care was important then too.

Read more at: http://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/mysteries/tooth.html

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Floss cartoon

We know a Yo-Yo is more fun but make sure you’re getting that floss in daily to remove all that plaque in between the teeth.

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