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According to several articles published recently and notably in the Huffington Post, the toothbrush you are using is probably riddled with fecal matter. Whats the problem with this? The problem is having the fecal matter of other people of your toothbrush, especially if you share a bathroom. The bacteria may affect you because it is not part of your normal flora of bacteria. What do you do to prevent disease from occurring? Remember to change your toothbrush once every three (3) months, do not share any toothbrushes, and also thoroughly rinse your toothbrush after use.

Read mroe at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/03/toothbrush-poop_n_7506456.html

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What a wonderful story. A gentleman in Kansas receives a new smile courtesy of a guest he was serving in a restaurant. Read more: Customer gives mega tip so single dad can get Dental Work, Reason to smile . 


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Should you brush before you sleep? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! This article done by the Huffington Post explains why it is important for you to brush before you go to bed.

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5 Things you never knew about your toothbrush

A great article published on the Huffington Post regarding toothbrushes. Patients always ask us the best type of brush to use for themselves, this article gives some great suggestions. 

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Lemons in your water

Naturally when you go out to a restaurant, you ask for a lemon in your water. Well after this article in the Huffington Post, you may not want to add lemon to your water anymore. Not only does the lemon make your water more acidic but it also harbors a large amount of bacteria. The article discusses possible reasons for an increase in the amount of bacteria on a lemon. The next time you ask for a lemon in your water, think twice. 


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