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Research has shown that soy contains more sugar than standard milk. The reason for this has to do with the complexity of the sugar. Read more about it Soy Milk is Six Times More Harmful to Teeth than Cow’s Milk, Study Finds

Try unsweetened soy milk if you can’t have milk or other soy alternatives such as coconut milk. Be sure to contact us for more information about how diet can affect your oral health.

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As we all scroll through facebook, we see new information about various diets or lifestyle changes people are promoting. These diets can include raw foods, low-carb, juicing, etc. One does wonder how some of this affects the oral cavity. An article written in the Dallas Morning News addresses a lot of your questions. Follow the link here to find out more: How fad diets and faulty nutrition can spell dental doom

Be sure to discuss any diet changes with your oral health provider and come in regularly for dental cleanings and exams.

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Sugar is a big part of our daily diet. Sugar can lead to decay in the mouth and other various systemic problems. Reading labels on foods and drinks can be quite confusing. A rule of thumb to remember when calculating the amount of sugar in a drink is 1 teaspoon contains 4 grams of sugar (1tsp = 4g sugar). A 16 oz bottle of sweetened tea contains 52 grams of sugar, which is about 13 teaspoons of sugar. A 20 oz bottle of cola contains 68 grams of sugar which is about 17 teaspoons of sugar. Next time you pick up a drink, check to see how much sugar is present. 

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March is for Nutrition

The American Dental Association (ADA) has recognized March for nutrition. Nutrition not only affect yours overall health but also your oral health. When purchasing foods, take into consideration how much sugar is present in foods. Look at the label on the side and check out choosemyplate.gov to learn how to read and understand labels. Foods with a large amount of sugar in it can promote decay by making your mouth more acidic. The ADA has a great video on Diet and Dental Health (click on the green diet and dental health to take you to the video). 

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