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We frequently forget how important oral care is. A new article in Time Magazine has found that 91% of adults ages 20 to 64 have at least one tooth that has been treated for decay or has untreated decay. While oral care is being emphasized more and more, the statistics about decay are on the rise.

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How often should I floss my teeth? – American Dental Association.

Wondering what is the best way to floss or how to floss? This video made by the American Dental Association shows how to properly floss your teeth. Remember to be gentle when flossing and move the floss as close to the gum as you can without hurting your gums.

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Who is more likely to seek dental care?

According to an article published in Frontiers in Public Health, women are 33% more likely to seek dental care than men. It was also found that non-smokers are more likely to seek dental care than smokers. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Something fun to read for valentine’s Day. 


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Health Benefits of Tea

According to a new study, having three cups of black tea a day may reduce your risk of gum disease and dental decay. The ingredients in the tea help fight off the bacteria which cause dental decay and gum disease.

Check out the article: http://www.dentistrytoday.com/todays-dental-news/9668-tea-may-thwart-dental-issues

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Pregnancy and Oral Health

While you are pregnant, it is important to visit the dentist regularly. Some pregnant patients may come in once every three months during their pregnancy. This article talks about how a pregnant patient with Periodontal (gum) disease can have increased risk during pregnancy.

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According to USA Today, the first thing people notice is your smile. Make sure you keep up with your oral health by visiting your dentist regularly. It is recommended that people see a dentist at least twice a year and for some, it may be more frequently.

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