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As we create new resolutions for 2017, Business Insider wrote an interesting article about signs of stress. The article cites 11 signs that physically show when you are under stress. One key factor in the dental field we pay attention to is bruxing (grinding) or clenching. Frequently in our office we will ask various questions that will help us determine if you are clenching or grinding. If you suspect you are clenching or grinding or simply have questions, please ask us at your next dental visit.

Here is the article about Stress.

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Teeth grinding also known as bruxism can occur during the day or at night. Grinding can damage your teeth and jaw. If you notice grinding, it is important to inform your dentist or dental professional. The dentist may consider putting you in a mouth appliance such as a night guard. An evaluation is necessary to determine the appropriate appliance for each patient. 

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